About Me

It was the early nineties and I was the girl middle school who could never figure out how to tight roll my jeans or tease my bangs high.   When everyone was looking cool with shiny braces, I still had baby teeth.  And by the time I needed them, I was in high school, taking me off of  all the cool boys radar before I could even get on it.  I was in all the average classes  so I couldn’t hang out with the nerds, I wasn’t coordinated so I couldn’t hang out with the jock girls and I definitely wasn’t pretty enough to hang out with the popular girls.  So I hung out with myself, and the one other girl like me.  We pretended that we were confident and cool.  We sat at a lunch table all to ourselves, and had full panic attacks when one of us was absent.  I loved our friendship, but just like every teenage girl, I longed to be cool.
One morning, my senior year, I woke up with DD boobs and suddenly the whole football team started calling me.  I saw it as my chance to leave high school with a bang (literally and figuratively) and ditched my best friend for the beefy, BO reeking jock.  Within a week, I was hanging with the top of the high school food chain.  I quickly realized that those popular kids, were nothing like the ones in Can’t By Me love or Clueless.  They were exactly like my old average friend…boring.

Two months later I left middle-class suburban Philadelphia, for college in Long Island where I learned that everything I knew about fashion, parties, and study ethics was wrong.  I was the only kid without a BMW, and the hard drugs I thought were just for criminals were passed around at parties like it was an eighties porn set.   These kids didn’t study; they bought their grades.  Here you had to join a sorority for training to be a Stepford wife.  I just didn’t fit in.  I tried to embrace my individuality, but instead embraced NY pizza.  I gained the Freshman 40 and put my heart and soul into figuring out who it was I actually wanted to become.

Now,  15 years later, with a husband and two kids I am still trying to figure it all out.

The one thing I have learned is that sometimes the best thing to do is laugh hard, dust yourself off and take a giant bite out of whatever life gives you.


I hope you enjoy my “re-birth” of my blog.

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