The Inspirational Blogger Award


Its Spring Break and my kids aren’t listening to me at all.  I am not getting as many hits on my blog as usual, and was feeling like I needed some extra prozac and then I was awarded “The Inspirational Blogger Award.”  Hooray. 

The Donovan Boys nominated me for this one.  I’m pretty sure she had to as our blogs are about the same thing.  I’m pretty sure we live the same life but in different states.

So with this award I’m supposed to thank Donovan Boys …”Thank you!”

Tell you 7 things about me…

1. I love all three Alvin and the Chipmunk Movies

2.  I always make a wish that my kids don’t finish their McDonalds so I have an excuse to eat a bite.

3.  I finally understand why my mom hated school breaks.

4.  I hate lists.  They make me anxious. 

5.  I am newly obsessed with Long Island Medium

6.  I am extremely competitive.

7. I like my coffee with cream and 2 splendas.


Then I need to nominate a few blogs I like:

1. As usual…Fiercely Yours.

2.  Mumchic

3. When the Kids Go to Sleep

4.  Lesley Carter

5.  The Curvy Spine


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